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Content Marketing in the Horticulture Industry

Horticultural marketing
Horticultural marketing

The Content Marketing Challenge

Create compelling content marketing for horticulture

It is now well documented that plants chat to one another through their complex network of roots and fungi. Meanwhile, us humans communicate the latest news about these chatty plants by using our own complex network; namely, the internet. Our captivating copy – written for those who work in the ornamental horticulture and fresh produce sectors – can therefore be found on several respected websites and/or online publications for these trades. Customers have included GreenTech, ICL Speciality Fertilizers (ICL UK), Produce Business UK, Horticulture Week and HortNews.

What we did

Create unique offline and online content marketing

Each of our clients has required informative and engaging copy to help keep its customers up to speed on the latest industry trends and topical issues. For example, for GreenTech – a biannual exhibition for the dynamic, global horticulture industry – we wrote a series of topical articles for its website in addition to copy for GreenTech’s LinkedIn and Facebook sites. We ensured that all keyword research for the sector was undertaken and seamlessly incorporated into the content to maximise search engine visibility. 

Another customer – ICL Speciality Fertilizers (ICL UK) – required/requires witty, newsy blogs by a journalist/writer with an in-depth knowledge of the UK’s horticulture trade.

The Results

Well researched, compelling copy

For every piece of content created, Nerd either attend/ed talks at industry events or interview/ed the sector’s thought leaders and influencers. This approach enabled us, for instance, to successfully create a series of articles for GreenTech’s website and various social media platforms that gained users attention, whilst educating and informing them about key trends and facts in the industry.

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