Case Studies

Customer Research and SEO in Travel

The Challenge

Find creative new ways to engage with customers

Our client is the leading supplier of low-cost first and business class flights in the UK. Already with a number one position in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, the brand wanted to expand by improving its visibility and page ranking on Google through great content marketing for search engine optimisation, enhanced email marketing and deeper engagement with its customers.

What we did

Customer research + engaging content = more clicks

The project started off with one-to-one interviews with ten new customers to find out what they thought about the customer and user experience. Interestingly, we found out that nearly all of these new customers thought that the ticket-purchasing process was too complicated. Overall, the business was getting about 20-30 email enquiries from frustrated customers about how to access their airline tickets per month, so this was identified as a real customer satisfaction issue.

Next up, Nerd completed an online survey with 1,000 of their customers to learn about their needs, interests and ways to improve the service.

This information was analysed and turned into unique content marketing including video, infographics, social media posts and blogs with a twist. For instance, we calculated that 7.8 million bottles of champagne are quaffed on business class flights every year, which we turned into a unique blog that was picked up by the champagne society. 

We also learned that customers love the brand, so we engineered a Trust Pilot process integration and helped to get the brand ranking as one of the top five airline flight providers in the UK, in less than six months.

Finally, the boring but important bit. All incoming data was reorganised in CRM so that it was possible to track the visit > lead > sales for all customers and calculate the marketing ROI by channel, without having to purchase any expensive data analytics tools.

The Results

Marketing metrics went into the stratosphere

The entire process took 12 months, and one major piece of work included the creation of 93 new 1,000+ word content marketing pages. These were focused on key global travel destinations, and designed to grow SEO visibility on Google, and were all completed within a 60 day deadline. Today the client is number one on SEM Rush’s SEO visibility league, outperforming leading travel brands like Flight Centre.

Another result we loved was the 20% improvement in ppc click throughs from a new strapline we created using ‘behavioural nudging’ psychological techniques and razor sharp copywriting. Today, Nerd continues to manage the client’s email marketing process where every campaign earns well above industry average open, click through and lead conversion rates.

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