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Digital Marketing for a Start-up App

The Challenge

How to turn an idea into an app

Creating a startup, building an app and marketing the startup is not easy. Your budgets will be on a shoestring and digital marketing is not cheap. Starting off as an idea around a coffee table, twelve months later Truckstars won a place on the prestigious Southampton University Science Park start-up accelerator programme. Today, Truckstars is set to solve a major problem in the logistics industry – the severe lack of qualified HGV drivers in the UK. Think Uber for Lorry drivers.

Truckstars grew from a standing start. Nerd joined the start-up team at the very beginning and helped to build the app, its website and commercialise the brand.

What we did

Built an app, promoted and commercialised this start-up

A custom website was made, closely followed by a content marketing video about the start-up and blog about how it works. The team worked together to create a prototype app to capture driver information and get people excited about the concept, whilst a fully functioning Uber style app was designed in the background.

Facebook, LinkedIN and Google Ads accounts were developed to attract app downloads and raise brand awareness. Once HGV driver information was received from sign-ups, a database was developed and email communication campaigns via Mailchimp were started to help users learn how to use the app.

The Results

From an idea on the kitchen table, today there's over 1,000 drivers on the app

The buzz around Truckstars has been phenomenal, with the first phase launch gaining the following results:

  • Over 3,000 new visitors to the website
  • Resulting in more than 1,000 HGV drivers being registered on the app
  • Via A/B testing Nerd learned that Facebook Ads were two times more effective than Google Ads, for half the price
  • The app has been commercialised, with real drivers on the road

Nerd will be running much larger campaigns for Truckstars as it gains further funding from investors who are excited about the app, so watch this space.

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