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Digital Marketing for Music Charity

Digital marketing strategy for the music charity, Music Masters
Digital marketing strategy for the music charity, Music Masters

The Challenge

Fine Tune a Marketing Strategy to Gain Funding and Collaborators

Music Masters is the leading charity in the UK that is helping to deliver the very highest quality of music teaching for children in the UK, especially in inner city schools.

Following a rebrand, the team wanted to accelerate the promotion of its services, therefore Nerd’s mission was to:

  • Attract highly-specific visitors to the website
  • Create Google ads and Facebook ad campaigns
  • Run A/B testing to find the best images and copy
  • Update all analytics so online conversions could be measured

Services Delivered

A Full Range of Digital Marketing Services to Drive Growth

The first job was to deliver a strategy for understanding the behaviour of people visiting the website. From there, Nerd devised several ways to drive people to take action on the site, and make sure that those actions were measured for continuous improvement.

As Music Masters are entitled to Google Grants, when their application was successful, Nerd created the Google Ads copy and strategy – and continues to manage these on a weekly basis. Multiple paid social media campaigns run at any given time, with multivariate image and copy testing for optimised ad spend, as budget is monitored very closely. A charity needs to manage its budgets extremely well, and monthly analytics reports generated by Nerd help manage this process.

The Results

Accelerate Growth With Tried And Tested Methodologies

Nerd has been working with Music Masters for over a year, helping to market all of their key services from teacher qualifications to live music events. In that time we have helped:

  • Create more than 200% growth in user traffic to the main website
  • Applications from a specific campaign to treble on the prior year
  • Generate a greater than 50% increase in actions taken on the website

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