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Film Festival Marketing

Film festival marketing
Film festival marketing

The Challenge

Build a film festival brand and website for a global audience

This local film club, led by a key member of the London Film School, needed a website for its annual film festival at the Mansion in Beckenham Place Park.

The success of this festival drove the need for the creation of a global digital brand and additional website to promote and share family friendly global film reviews, online interactive workshops and film screenings. Lights, camera, action – was born.

Festival website

What we did

Designed and built interactive websites for a film festival, fast

For the first stage in this process, the film festival, Nerd acquired the URL (website name) for and in two weeks we had a first draft prototype of the website. With only six weeks to get the site ready on time we had to move fast. Working with the festival organiser, we quickly agreed on the look, wrote the copy and selected the best photography from the previous year’s festival, many of these pictures were taken by Nerd co-founder Rachel Anderson at the event.

The website was then connected to Facebook, where the copy was replicated on those landing pages and a PR campaign was launched to local newspapers.

For the new website, the hard work had already been done with the festival website design. This website was replicated and over 12 weeks a new brand identity and website was built based on the client’s logo, design and vision.

Finally, it was key that the site be made in a zero code fashion, so the founders could update the site ‘as and when’ and constantly add new content without the need to consult Nerd or a web developer. This was completed and Small World recently hosted their first online festival, and the founders were able to add all of the new content to the site without us, mission accomplished!

The Results

The Results – up fast and ranking

The film festival venue hosts said that the Mansion Movies website “is great, we absolutely love it” and they could not believe how fast it was turned around by Nerd for the price. Whilst more complicated, the film site was built for a budget that could not be matched by other local agencies and the founder of Small World Cinema, Saskia van Roomen, is delighted, giving Nerd the testimonial you can see on our homepage

In just a couple of months since launch, the site has already:

  • Attracted 152 backlinks from high quality websites
  • Gained a quality rating of 15 just week’s after launch, which is an amazing start for a brand-new website and will help its search engine optimisation
  • Had its content, especially an original film made by local primary school children, shared all over the world, entered into competitions and now winning awards

Nerd also works closely with a company who do all of the print work for amazing events such as the Glastonbury Festival (ask me about my Dad in the nudist area on his 60th birthday if we ever meet!). A few days before the 2019 Mansion Movies film festival the local printers let Small World down with a terrible print job. Nerd stepped in at the last minute and managed the print of 1,000’s of flyers and posters one day before the event. 

This is just the start for Small Word Cinema and Nerd is delighted to be its partner for its future digital marketing activity.

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Nerd especially loves working with creatives, festivals and the entertainment industry – we used to run a live comedy night. Get in touch if you would like us to help you learn how to replicate what we did for Small World Cinema (and we can tell you the Glastonbury story).

From a complimentary 30-minute consultation, to a 12-month digital marketing transformation project, Nerd offers practical solutions to help you power through the digital landscape and achieve your business objectives.

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