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The graphic design trends for 2024

Graphic design is a field that is constantly developing and changing. In the age when art meets technology, creativity has never had more opportunity to inspire and excite people through graphic design.

Capturing the zeitgeist and designing something that resonates is a skill that requires us to articulate – in technicolour – the visual trends that are constantly infiltrating our subconscious. To help bring some of these trends to the forefront of your conscious mind, here are Nerd’s key design trends for 2024 based on some of our current work…

  1. Bold and Bright
  2. Nature-inspired
  3. Gradients
  4. Pixelation
  5. Brand Illustrations

Design trends 2024 – Bold and Bright

This style is all about using bright, eye-catching colors to create a vibrant design. The combination of eye-catching colors and contrasting shapes is certain to capture the attention of the viewer and consumer.

This fearless style can be used in all areas of design but gives noticeable pizazz to posters, advertisements, and social media posts.

A study by HubSpot found that using high-contrast colours in website calls-to-action can increase click-through rates by 21%. So, it’s the perfect way to make your designs stand out from the crowd!

Design Trends 2024 – Nature-inspired

Less plastic, more nature-inspired designs! There are many ways in which you can draw inspiration from flora and fauna. This includes incorporating nature-inspired shapes in your design, such as the gentle curved outlines of leaves or flowers.

For print designs, look to beautifully-textured, sustainably-sourced paper stock or neutral colors to capture a stealth-wealth aesthetic on packaging design or stationery templates.

And if you don’t believe us, follow the numbers. Sustainable packaging solutions are growing at a rate of 12% annually, fuelled by consumer demand for eco-friendly products.

Design Trends 2024 – Gradients

Gradients add depth and dimension to designs. In fact, the visual of a gradient is so strong and recognisable that it can be the main element in your brand identity. From bright and explosive to calm and pastel, there are different ways to combine colours according to Itten’s wheel. These combinations will greatly help you when creating a harmonious look.

To give you some inspiration, here is Itten’s colour wheel, which is used by designer’s to help them pick colours that compliment one another:

You can see this put to good effect in some of our designs below.

From subtle background accents to eye-catching hero images, gradients offer a flexible way to add depth and dimension to designs.

Design Trends for 2024 – Pixelation

This retro-look design trend has returned! Pixel art taps into a growing sentiment for retro aesthetics, offering a unique way to evoke emotions and memories of playing Pacman and the like.

Combining today’s favourites with styles popular decades ago creates a great, on-trend design. The pixel graphic can be used in all sorts of ways, such as fonts, as small elements/accents, or big square grids.

Design Trends 2024 – Brand Illustrations

Handmade illustrations and doodles will be one of the trends in 2024. When a brand has its own character, it adds recognition and emotional connection to the customer….even small hand-drawn details will add a unique touch to the design.

Being a bit ahead of the curve, the above illustrations were used as part of the International Carrot Symposium in the run up to their huge event in York. Research by Nielsen shows that consumers are 83% more likely to remember information presented with visuals, so what are you waiting for?

Design trends for 2024 – Capturing the zeitgeist in your designs key takeaways and trends:

Embrace these key trends for 2024 and watch your creations shine:

  • Bold & Bright: Let vibrant colours and contrasting shapes scream for attention. Think posters, ads, and social media posts that pack a punch.
  • Nature-inspired: Go green with textures like paper, wood, and natural shapes. Opt for sustainable materials and earth tones for an eco-conscious aesthetic.
  • Gradient magic: Add depth and dimension with colour transitions. Explore vibrant explosions or calming pastels, remembering Itten’s colour wheel for harmonious combinations.
  • Pixel power: Inject nostalgia with retro pixel art. Use it as fonts, accents, or full grids for a playful, eye-catching touch.
  • Handcrafted charm: Embrace personality with unique illustrations and doodles. These emotional connections build brand recognition and leave a lasting impression.


  • Trends are tools, not rules: Use them to inspire, not dictate. Inject your own creativity and leave your unique mark.
  • Experimentation is key: Don’t be afraid to play and explore. Unleash your inner creative and see where the trends take you.
  • The world awaits your masterpiece: Go forth, create, and leave a lasting impression on the design landscape.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into these trends, add your own twist, and get ready to lead the zeitgeist in 2024!

By Rachel Anderson and Halyna Dobrianska

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